Standard possibilities in Sprinter 3000

Shipment legs

Pre, main and after transport in one shipment.

In Sprinter 3000 before Main and after transport is easily put together under one shipment leg. At this manner you can see all transport in just one shipment, but each part of the shipment leg can be done by a other transporter.

With multiple pick up or deliveries  you can easily put in multiple addresses from which the goods have to be collected. You specify which goods are collected and delivered at which location. Do you have a shipment for one or multiple pick ups? This can be easily created in Sprinter 3000.

Groupage or consolidation planning

At the consolidation planning screen you can see which master shipments there are. Which shipments are in this master and which shipments have to been planned. At this screen it is quick and easy to create your masters.


In a shipment it is possible with different kinds of transportation. For example in one shipment it is possible to do a part by road transport, than by Sea or Air transport and than another part of the shipment by Road. So each form of transport you can put in one shipment, at this manner you can see what is status of your shipment, and where and how your shipment is handled at this moment.


Your business operations are unique so that requires specific insights. In Sprinter 3000 you have the possibility to assemble your own dashboard. At this manner you can easily see what is important for you. Perhaps your colleague finds something else important, and he can see that specific information. In this way every user can set its own preferences and you can see what you want to see.


Invoicing towards its customers is important for every company. Within Sprinter 3000 you have some simple options for invoicing, this can either been done directly from a shipment, but you can also create collective invoices if your customers wishes so.


Purchasing control

You can check collective invoices from partners at lightning speed thanks to the smart filtering options. In Sprinter 3000 a whole period of shipments is combined and can be checked and approved in a few simple steps.


Easy Search

It has never ever been more easy to search in software. In Sprinter 3000 you have the possibilities to filter on the wished shipment, invoice, rates or history of your customer. Also you can offer your customer a quick and accurate service.


In Sprinter 3000 you have the option to easily create different report. For example you can see which shipments have not yet been invoiced, which invoices have not been sent. Whether there are shipments that still needs to be scheduled or there are for example, still purchasing invoices that needs to be approved. Or other operational reports.

Damages & Complaints

Within Sprinter 3000 it is possible to handle complaints about shipment, or damage and register them. Furthermore you are able to take actions about what has to happen with the complaint or damage, and to follow up on this.


This is just a small selection of the possibilities of Sprinter 3000.
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