Custom Declaration software

Create and send declarations

Custom Declaration software

Send and manage your declaration quickly and easily

Custom Declaration

With the Dutch Customs declarations module, you are able to quickly make customs declarations and follow up the status. All required customs documents are returned to your shipment. This way you keep everything neatly together.

The following declaration type can be made:

  • AGS 2 & 3
  • NCTS Vertrek en aankomst
  • GDB / RVV
  • Client PD Import

The declaration module can also be used without having to create shipments in Sprinter 3000.

Click here for the latest news of the dutch customs.

More Overview and Efficiency for everyone

Easily create and send declarations, all necessary documents in one overview.

Declaration type

  • AGS 2 & 3 (Import en Export)
  • NCTS Vertrek and Aankomst
  • GDB / RVV
  • Client PD Import

Custom documents

  • Clearance documents
  • TAX documents
  • Send emergency procedure


  • Invoice directly from your shipment
  • Invoice multiple shipments with quick invoicing
  • Easy to link with your accounting program

Quick search

It is possible to search by field, part of a field or multiple fields. Searching by period or by shipment number, location reference, waybill number, date, etc. You can search for everything you want. And find what you are looking for.


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